Is a journey to the inhabited islands of the Aegean consisting of a historiography of emblematic individuals, represented through images and accompanying texts, with the aim of preserving and commemorating the true essence of each island.  This project is a journey set out to uncover the untold stories of theContinue Reading

Greece, a colorful place, full of nature, culture and beauty, boasts a vast network of cycling routes in the mountains, islands, plains and coastlines, making cycling an exciting experience. However, it also has certified destinations, certified hotels, travel agencies, and cycling companies to serve cyclists. The “Bike Friendly” label, whichContinue Reading

There are moments in life where you are left in a state of awe! One of those moments was caught by a friend of ours, Dimitri Pantazopoulos on his recent trip on Mount Olympus. Take a few minutes and enjoy his video on the mountain of the Gods.   TweetContinue Reading