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Τhe Holy Wines of Tinos | Guest Bloggers

Northern from Santorini, in the heart of the Aegean Sea, nestles the Holy Island, known as Tinos. For many decades, Tinos has been something more than just a beautiful Greek island. It’s been home to spirituality and religion, with a high resemblance to Santiago de Compostela! It’s a  place where every Greek believer should visit at least once in their lifetime, and get the chance to pray to Virgin Mary’s Church. Long story- short, it’s the leading Orthodox pilgrimage, and you can’t miss it!

tinos3 Τhe Holy Wines of Tinos


If you think that Tinos is only famous for its religious qualities, then you must be mistaken! The island of Tinos, like any other Greek island, has been gifted with unique terroirs. The source of its uniqueness arises from its isolation, the strong winds it endures, the period of droughts accompanied by little to no rain, and its poor soil!

But this has not always been the case for Tinos. Why not? Well, the picturesque, semi-mountain, rural villages of Tinos, with long-established vineyards, haven’t always been as well-known as they are today! However, everything changed when two passionate wine-lovers, Alexandre Avatagellos and Gerard Margeon- thefounders of T-OINOS winery- visioned something big; the regrowth of the ancient vineyards in Volax! A lunar landscape with enormous granite boulders, which is a peculiar geological phenomenon in Greece.

If you are a wine-tasting lover, then brace yourself, because the wine tourism in Tinos, offers a multilayered, one-of-a-kind experience! Start your journey at T-OINOS and continue your adventure at the VAPTISTIS winery at Mesi village. The only thing better than wine-tasting itself is wine-tasting while watching the breathtaking view! Take in the magnificent scenery while listening to Yiannis Moraitis narrate the story of wine culture!


tinos41 Τhe Holy Wines of Tinos


But the journey must go on! Next stop? VOLACUS winery! Established in 2010, it’s one of the most extraordinary vineyards, since it lies on a lunar-like landscape, surrounded by ‘volakes’ the giant-size granite rocks.

Another astonishing element of Tinos is the fact, that you will never be served plainwine. Traditional gastronomical delicacies will be served right by the side! Picked up with care from the local markets, and cultivated by local producers, you’ll get the opportunity to take a small taste of Greece’s indescribably delicious, cuisine, consisted of wild artichokes, fava bean, volaki, kopanisti, local cheese, and smoked louza- the Greek version of bacon!


tinos5 Τhe Holy Wines of Tinos


Ιf you’re interested in getting to see the raw beauty of the island and experience the different aromas and flavors of Tinos, we will let you in on a little secret; visit scenic villages, every single day!

Set up from the marbled Tower to Isernia, which is an artist’s village, then Tarabados with their Venetian columbarium, and last but not least, Kardiani, which has a sunset you cannot miss and a plethora of catholic churches that are worth visiting.


tinos7 Τhe Holy Wines of Tinos



These villages are the most popular ones, but hey, always remember to go beyond the surface! There are so many more, small villages, or as I like to call them- hidden gems! Don’t miss the opportunity of discovering them- you’ll be unexpectedly, pleasantly surprised.

So, wait no more! Pay a visit to Tinos and see-or better yet- taste, for yourself! Adventure awaits!


Andriana Foi

The Wine Connoisseurs – Wine Tourism Expert

Founder & Owner

WSET Level 3 Wines Certified

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“Get to know the city” (of Eleusis) | Guest Bloggers

During the second annual “Culture 2030” Meeting hosted by Eleusis 2021 / European Capital of Culture, Mentor, a culture & heritage management company, designed and implemented six thematic routes inspired by the rich heritage of Eleusis. “Get to know the city” is a project that combines urban tours, meetings, presentations, and storytelling to draw attention to Eleusis’ cultural legacy and wealth, as well as the unique stories and activities of local residents and associations.

Get to know the city photo credit John Stathis Eleusis 2021 2 Get to know the city (of Eleusis)

The first route, “Made in Eleusis”, brought the participants in touch with local creative entrepreneurs and individuals, so they would get a feel of the difficulties faced by those who wish to be creative outside a large urban area.

Get to know the city photo credit John Stathis Eleusis 2021 3 Get to know the city (of Eleusis)

“Demeter vs the Titans” consisted of a walk by the sea, from Vlycha (site of many illegal shipbreaking yards) to the architecturally impressive manufacturing complex of Kronos, to highlight the industrial heritage and the disastrous environmental history of Eleusis.

Get to know the city photo credit John Stathis Eleusis 2021 41 Get to know the city (of Eleusis)

The participants in “Saving Private Memory” explored the city’s urban core from the old harbour to the church of Agios Georgios and discovered the most important local landmarks and the people who defined the city’s history.

Get to know the city photo credit John Stathis Eleusis 2021 5 Get to know the city (of Eleusis)

“The guardians of Lepsina” was an introductory route to the history and traditions of the Arvanites of Eleusis. The highlight of the event was a visit to the Eleusis Folklore Association “Adrachti”, where participants were able to taste traditional delicacies.

Get to know the city photo credit John Stathis Eleusis 2021 4 Get to know the city (of Eleusis)

In the same spirit, “From Pontus to New Trabzon” was designed as a casual stroll through the “Russian”, a neighbourhood created by Pontic Greeks. This route included a visit to the “Pontic Association of Eleusis Nea Trapezounta” for an impromptu demonstration of the capacities of the pontic lyra and a taste of the inimitable pirozhki.

Get to know the city photo credit John Stathis Eleusis 2021 7 Get to know the city (of Eleusis)

Finally, “Stories from the land of Crete” took the form of an evening spent in the company of the Cretans of Eleusis. The participants feasted on exclusive recipes from the Cretan cuisine (accompanied by the requisite raki) and enjoyed an impressive display of Cretan dances at the “Union of Cretans” (Enosis Kriton).


Mentor in Culture
Culture 2030 

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Military outfit

One of the most effective quotes about female military style clothing is the following: “I have always wished to live a male life in a body of women”- Diana Von, a renowned stylist that puts the accent on manly way of clothing and army style. Military attire was put on by females, even throughout the The second world war, and also ever since, is favoured by the greatest pacesetters on the planet. It’s sensible and also functional use makes it around the world accepted by both, men and women.

It seems that army design never ever heads out of date. There is some magic in the armed forces pieces of garments, which make woman really feel powerful while using it. Therefore several celebrities prefer military items of apparel in their attire and leave impressive impacts.


Where The Military Style Comes From

The armed forces design originated after the WW1, as well as this is described by the fact that during the military activities the customizing business only accepted the orders of fatigue clothes and had a shortage of causal garments. Throughout the ’60s, hippies were the very first to dress up in the armed forces style. Back then this suggested objection versus the Vietnam Battle. Furthermore, its appeal was specifically going to the top in ’80s, during which the features of the typical day military design were shaped as well as the impact of this design also raised in female’s outfit(gynaikeia rouxa).

The Main Characteristics of Armed Force Design

The key factor of opting for army design clothes items is the convenience the military uniforms normally have. Thus integrating these factors with the general feminine silhouettes, we have what is called the army lady design. An additional advantage of these appearances is their universality for the age, appropriating for any type of age.

The most crucial aspect of military fashion is protecting the balance and also the consistency of the information. The major military shades are the tones of khaki, grey, and brownish, coming in one of the most varied mixes. Matching these tones with some other better and catchier tones is not actually advised, though experiments are constantly welcome if you wish to. When it comes to the accessories like headwear, you can choose a camouflage cap, or a high hair hat with a short heap.


Among the most prominent stylish pairs of the military appearances is the one with flashy information, developing some very appropriate alternatives for strolls in the countryside, some tasks like hitch walking, ancient excavations, as well as walks through the jungles. Though there are no inflexible restrictions concerning the quantity of the garments and also the accessories of camouflage prints that are to be combined, particular modest amount is suggested.

Shoes is additionally essential right here serving as a play pair for the garments. The elegant and also cute sandals might end up being an excellent complementation to such looks. For the top comfy and also amazing looks, you may also match the army style with casual, hence developing some one-of-a-kind and innovative choices for day-to-day wear. The boots of this style are generally extremely high, adorned with some certain details. If your purpose is to produce a womanly look, you require to select the booties. For a bold look choice high, leather military boots adorned with stimulates, chains or switches. For casual looks of ladylike photos the shoelace up options will be perfect.

Also, it is essential not to overuse the outerwear options, which in instance of being picked wisely might create an overall memorable effect for any type of season and also event. An additional tip to comply with is developing specific shade variety to prevent seeming boring as well as monotonous.

Matching the military pieces

Matching the military pieces with the top elegant feminine outfits is a great method of creating the memorable counterbalance of the clothing that one of the most innovative as well as exceptional looks of yours call for. An additional fantastic suggestion to select is using the armed forces information for creating some casual clothing, hence having ideal looks for such a terrific diversity of event as a bicycle riders’ party or a rock concert.

The clue underlying the success of such looks is that military components are among the core factors of many subcultures and patterns. The devices have an essential duty in the armed forces design too, creating the trendy influence you want to make. Metallic options are particularly crucial in this aspect. Silver or gold switches prepared with one or a number of rows, zippers, belts, shoulder bands, and so on are all consisted of in this range.

Finally, there are likewise a number of instances concerning what and also just how you ‘d much better refrain from doing with this design. To start with, don’t overuse the army aspects, choosing an all-military alternative, which is most likely suitable for a costumes’ celebration yet except sportswear. Also, there is no need to choose some saggy garments, particularly if they are chosen with not that proper colour tones.

See more about woman fashion:

West Macedonia | Buzz | The Official Blog of

4 wonderful winter destinations

It’s time to experience a different sort of Greece – one of rivers, mountains and glorious natural landscapes as yet undiscovered by mass tourism. Let’s explore some less talked about places in NW Greece this year.

Florina – on the edge of the mainland
Visit this outstanding natural landscape dotted with six magnificent lakes, picture-perfect lakeside villages, and a beautiful town traversed by river Sakoulevas. Enjoy your time in Florina by visiting the Archaeological Museum housing treasures from the Hellenistic Period. Discover how life used to be like there at two Folk Museums or see interesting exhibits by local artists at the Contemporary Art Museum. Explore its lively social life at the town’s cafés and taste local produce, including its famous sweet red peppers and PDO Prespa beans. Take a tour around Prespa Lakes and Nymfaio, a traditional stone-built village and try the local wine. Plan a hiking trip and enjoy winter sports in the area.


Kastoria Merakos 03 West Macedonia
Kastoria – a tranquil aura
Enjoy the peaceful Orestiada lake, part of the EU NATURA 2000 network, with lots of geese, swans and a variety of protected birds. Apart from nice walks, the exquisite tree-lined pathway along the lake allows cycling trips that offer great views of the town and the surrounding Vitsi and Grammos mountains. Visit breathtaking Dragon Cave and Agios Nikolaos Church, and then relax at the cafés and restaurants by the lake. Explore the old neighbourhood of Doltso; its restored traditional mansions and cobble stone alleys are wonderful examples of Macedonian architecture and definitely worth the stroll.
Visit more than 60 Byzantine and post-Byzantine Churches, dating back from the 9th to the 19th century and learn more about them at the town’s Byzantine Museum. In Dispilio, discover how people used to live in the recently unearthed Prehistoric Lake Settlement. Don’t forget to visit the town Aquarium; one of the biggest in the Balkans. There’s even a fossilized forest for those wishing to explore a natural miracle.


shutterstock 653651455 Prespes sunset West Macedonia
Grevena – the mushroom capital of Greece
The town claims a mushroom museum as the area hosts some 1,300 species growing in thick oak woods. Savour delicious pies, soups, spoon sweets and alcoholic liqueurs made of mushrooms. If you’re in town at the end of August, drop in on the annual four-day festival for fungi nirvana. Get your adrenaline flowing by driving off-road towards Portitsa Gorge. Participate in organised jeep tours on the mountain. The rugged mountainscape accentuates local monuments: old monasteries, impressive stone bridges and small waterfalls. Set out on a fascinating journey to Valia Calda National Park, one of the most attractive trekking destinations in Europe. Go skiing at Vassilitsa Snow centre or take part in trekking/rafting activities on Aliakmonas River.


shutterstock 1495533608 Kozani crocus West Macedonia

Kozani – saffron and more
Promenade on the main pedestrian street of the town and pass by 18th c. mansions. Find Agios Nikolaos church with its famous belfry. Visit Kovedareios Library & Museum; you will be amazed by the centuries-old library, the second richest in Greece with rare and valuable works. Learn more about Kozani district at the Historical – Folklore and Natural History Museum.
Cross the bridge on Lake Polyfytos and visit Servia, a picturesque small town with a long history and enjoy the lovely view from its Byzantine fortress. Take a trip to Velvedo town and hike through Skepasmenou Gorge. Boucharia Geopark is a jaw dropping natural phenomenon that you shouldn’t miss.
The area’s star product is saffron, or krokos (in Greek). Buy this top quality delicious spice, which is also well-known for its healing properties.

Dimitra Iliadi

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Top 10 Thing to Do in Trikala Korinthias, this Fall. | Guest Bloggers


“Corinthia” is of those places where you have the opportunity to reach an altitude of 1000 meters high from the sea, within 40 minutes of driving, crossing uphills, downhills, turnings and straight road-lines, to go through traditional villages, to cross lakes on mountains, and generally, a place where you get to live all the four seasons within an hour of traveling, among plane trees, pine trees, next to fir trees, founts that drain waters from running springs. It is a place where the highland landscape and its elements, meet the sea. 

A mesmerizing route to Trikala Korinthias

In only a two-hours distance from Athens, mounting from Xylokastro and driving among olive trees, vineyards and beautiful clumps of eucalyptus, crossing the villages of “Riza”, “Pellini”, “Dendro”, “Rethi” and at a distance of 25 km (from Xylokastro) you’ll get to see the first districts of Trikala. Trikala is a mountainous village and the oldest district of the mountain of “Ziria”. The beautiful large village, which spreads throughout consecutive districts like “Kato”, “Mesea”, ” Ano” Trikala, is the most developed village of mountainous Korinthia, referring to the touristic structures.

Maintaining the traditional elements of the region

Even if the touristic development has made its point, the region has maintained its traditional identity; beautiful stony squares decorated with huge, eternal plane trees and dense vegetation. Besides, in Greek, the name Trikala means Three (tria) goods (kala), pointing out the three best qualities it offers; a) a healthy climate with no humidity and a lot of fresh air b) a plethora of vineyards that produce tasteful wine c) plentiful spring waters. These advantages combined with the warm hospitality of the people of Trikala create a tranquil landscape that’ll make your stay unforgettable!

What is also remarkable, is that all the businesses of the village (guest houses, hotels, restaurants, café-bars) have maintained the unique, traditional style, at which the stone and the wood play a significant role. That way, all the businesses are not only warm and hospitable but also well-adapted to their surroundings. You’ll be amazed by the rare beauty and the burbling streams.

TrikalaKorinthiasNetwork ApostolisTheodoropoulos2 Top 10 Thing to Do in Trikala Korinthias, this Fall.


A fall-coloured expedition to Trikala Korinthias

More specifically, the fall, which is a magical season, a season of transition and new beginnings, might be the ideal season to visit, for those of you who ask for a quiet/tranquil and meaningful connection to the region and the nature, throughout many activities such as hiking, wanderings, and in general activities full of interest, that’ll get you a step closer to the place itself, far from the crowded winter days, the cold, and the snow. Trikala Korinthias, are equally beautiful when leaves fall down the trees, instead of snow, when the clouds paint shapes and figures on their canvas and when the rain makes its own music, pounding the stone windowsills.

10 things to do in Trikala Korinthias

Even though, in our opinion, picking a couple of days for the excursion, during which you’ll be doing absolutely nothing besides wandering around, breathing in the fresh air, admiring the mesmerizing view and enjoying the beautiful smells of nature, that are at their peak especially this time of the year (and Trikala itself diathetic this quality), we recommend you a few itineraries worth-doing and worth-seeing during your visit to Trikala Korinthias, that will bring you closer to the place, both its past and its present, but also connect you with the nature, through an emotive way:

  • Go on mild hiking through the marked route ‘Arhaio Misseon’ from “Mesea” to “Ano” Trikala, which lasts about 45 minutes, within the forest, under the shadow of the huge trees.
  • In ‘Kato’ (Down) Trikala, visit the stone square, where the super-centenarian plane trees and where the churches of St Dimitris (1697) and St Ioannis (1853) are located.
  • In ‘Mesea’ don’t miss out the church of Metamorfosis of Sotira (9th century)
  • In ‘Ano Trikala’, don’t forget to take a peek at the wonderful square next to the small church of St Nicholas offering a mesmerizing view, and at the house where St Gerasimos was born.
  • Visit the monastery of St Vlasios (17th century), surrounded by green, dense vegetation (tip; go to the balcony in the back and take in the remarkable view!!).
  • Walk down the beautiful valley of “Flabouritsa” among the mountainous districts of ‘Megali’ and ‘Mikri’ Ziria.
  • Drink, fearlessly, the water from the springs you meet along the way.
  • Don’t forget to visit the Lake “Dasiou”, at the plateau of “Ziria”. The place is of exceptional beauty! When visiting Lake “Dasiou”, going on a picnic is the ideal thing to do, but what is even more ideal. is a walk into the Lake, especially during this season, when there’s no water at all. The sensation is out-of-this-world!
  • Visit the next village, “Manna”, where the traditional café is situated, and where the wonderful (and recently restored) site with springs at the edge of the village will take your breath away. (Tip; if you get there during a period of fructification of the apple trees stop by one and take a bite of the fresh apples!)
  • Make daily off-road trips with buggies in the forests and the slopes of “Ziria” with the team of “Explore Ziria”.


We wish you an amazing stay in Trikala Korinthias!


Sincerely. the Team of the Network of Tourism in Trikala Korinthias

Stavros Kefalas – Olga Papalexandrou – Kelly K.

photo credits: Apostolis Theodoropoulos


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Crete’s hidden gems revealed | Guest Bloggers

Balos Beach


Crete is famous for many things: the Palace of Knossos, the charming cities of Heraklion and Chania, the awe-inspiring Samaria Gorge – the list goes on and on. But rather than tell you about the famous sights of Crete, I want to share some of the hidden gems of this beautiful island.

If you want to get to know Crete, you can book one of the Crete package holidays that so many families do each year. Or, you can pick a less-well-known spot and discover parts of the island that few have seen before! The choice is yours. Either way, the island of Crete will charm you like no other.

I visited Crete in September 2019 and was spellbound by the scenery, the people, the cuisine and the culture. I uncovered some great places to visit, as well as some wonderful memories to take home, and I’m going to share them with you. While you’re reading this blog post, imagine you’re sat by a gorgeous beach with a glass of tsikoudia (raki) in hand, while a soft breeze keeps you cool. Heaven!

Balos Beach

Balos may not be the biggest-kept secret on Crete, but it’s a difficult beach to reach! Tucked away in the north-west corner of the island, the easiest way to enjoy Balos is to take a boat trip, where you can explore the stunning lagoon at your leisure – boats leave from nearby Kissamos every day. Alternatively, you can drive, but finding a parking spot in summer isn’t easy, and it’s also a 20-minute walk from the car park. But however you get there, it’s worth it! Balos Beach is picture-postcard perfect, and it’s one of the finest beaches I’ve ever seen.

Seitan Limania

We’re still in north-west Crete, but now we’ve headed east of Chania to Seitan Limania. This secret beach on the Akrotiri peninsula is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. Seitan Limania (also known as ‘Stefanou’ and ‘Rizoskloko’ by locals) is a narrow cove with cliffs either side. The water is as blue as can be, and there are no amenities here, so there’s no choice but to lay back and take in the views. You may even find a few goats who are unfazed by humans and will keep you company!

Hora Sfakion

We’re still in western Crete, but now we’re on the south of the island for my next pick: Hora Sfakion. This quaint fishing village is one of the most laid-back spots in Crete, and life moves slowly here. The tranquillity is only broken by the occasional ferry laden with hikers from the nearby Samaria Gorge, but it’s impossible not to relax here. There are a few tavernas where you can enjoy a refreshing bowlful of stamnankáthi (vegetables with olive oil and lemon) or some kalitsounia (fried cheese pastries).

margarites crete collage Crete’s hidden gems revealedMargarites Village


Margarites Village

Right in the centre of Crete lies Margarites, an unspoilt village that dates to the Venetian period, and is noted for its pottery. There are several pottery studios in the village, and they are the perfect place to pick up a wonderful memento of your Crete holiday. The pottery is a mixture of traditional pieces made with the local clay, and more modern, brightly coloured works. Margarites also has some charming cafés, too, so if you’re looking for a beach-free day on your break, a visit to this gem in the heart of Crete is a great idea.

I hope that I’ve got you excited about visiting Crete. This was my first time on this spectacular island, and I’m sure it won’t be my last. There’s nothing wrong with seeing all the well-known sights, but heading off the beaten track can reveal places and experiences that are equally fulfilling. I can’t wait to return.


This article was written by Stuart Peskett on behalf of Holiday Hypermarket

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Five reasons to visit Greece on a luxury yacht charter in autumn | Guest Bloggers

Greece has always been a popular summer holiday destination and in recent years the June and July months have seen a record 3 million plus visitors descend on the country from Corfu to Karpathos, yet a luxury yacht charter in autumn ensures that visitors have peace, privacy and access to some of the best beaches by water while still revelling in the warm sunshine.

Cruise at your own pace to some of the 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country, or disappear among the sandy island coves for quality time with family and friends without having to battle the crowds for a spot on the beach. When food, fuel and entertainment are all included in one package, it’s easy to keep an eye on the budget too. Here are five more reasons to visit Greece on a superyacht in autumn.

1. Warmer than the West

The water temperature of the Greek waters hover around 25°C/77°F into October and sometimes even November. This makes the region enticing for water sports-focused groups looking to enjoy bath-like temperatures, and the transparent seas are perfect for beginner Scuba divers to practise their skills without the worry of becoming too cold. The dry climate and warm sunny days create ideal conditions for beach games or sunbathing aboard your luxury yacht, and guests will be more than happy to explore incredible towns such as Santorini in the warm night air.

2. A personalised itinerary

One of the greatest benefits of a luxury yacht charter at any time of the year is the ability to visit multiple locations and tourist attractions without wasting hours in traffic, and you can pick and choose where you go according to your interests. The Ionian Islands are a treat for those looking for beaches and natural beauty in abundance, while the Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands host some of the most iconic landmarks and ruins within the Greek yachting grounds. You and your guests have free reign of the on-board facilities while your captain cruises between destinations, ensuring you can make the most of your time. A luxury yacht charter also offers a great deal of flexibility and if the weather turns or you find that your secluded anchorage is already taken; it’s a simple matter of cruising off to another fantastic location, which could be just around the corner.

3. A more personalised service

Unlike a hotel where there is a low staff to high guest ratio, a yacht offers a far more personalised experience: Crew such as Scuba diving instructors and yoga teachers can tailor their programmes towards individual fitness levels, experience and interests, while the professional on-board chef is trained to create exceptional meals while catering to different dietary requirements and all food allergies.


yacht shutterstock 189902474 Five reasons to visit Greece on a luxury yacht charter in autumn


4. Privacy away from the shores and fewer tourists

The summer holidays end in August and most colleges and universities commence their courses in September, leaving a stark contrast between the peak of the summer yacht charter season and the onset of autumn. Fewer tourists mean that you will be free to take your time exploring the ruins, museums and galleries in the much frequented Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands, while there will be plenty of deserted beaches among the Ionian and Sporades Islands for a private candlelit dinner along the shore.

5. Great last-minute specials

As the summer season winds down and some tourist attractions reduce their hours, there’s the opportunity to grab a luxury yacht charter bargain during the autumn ‘shoulder season’. Some Owners might be offering extra days for free, while others could slash their weekly rate considerably – yet you’ll still experience the same quality service and amenities on board among the same stunning surroundings and wonderfully warm weather.

Article by Rachael Steel
Luxury Yacht Charters

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GRummer is a state of mind | vol 4 | Guest Bloggers

Summer is an inspiration for GRummer, and GRummer is a state of mind, my kind of freedom. For me, Greek summer is childhood memories, untold stories and warm feelings captured in moments with your family, your friends, your love… with yourself,

This is my GReek sUMMER, this is my #GRummer and this #GRummer is beyond words.

Info: #GRummer is a visual project series inspired by the summer in Greece. Made by ©MaroVerli. Find more in

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Weather Resistant iPhone Cases For Your Vacation

One of the most requested devices for the iPhone is the weather condition proof case. The value of having an iPhone case that is weather proofed is exceptionally high, generally since the iPhone does not have extreme amounts of protection.

If you live in a city that gets decent quantity of rain, or if you merely wish to protect your iPhone from the outside world, than you will wish to purchase an iPhone weather-proofed case. But what are the very best cases for this kind of security?

If you have actually searched the market for weather resistant iPhone cases, than you have actually probably seen that much of them are large and, rather frankly, unattractive, while this might be true for lots of weather resistant iPhone cases, it isn’t the reality for all of them. There is one case that is spectacular, both in its look and also in its capability to protect your iPhone from the harshness of Mother Earth. This iPhone case is the OtterBox Defender Series, which is a clever and rugged case that will include a certain design to your iPhone. This case still allows you to have full interaction with every feature of your iPhone, including pictures, all while providing you true water-resistant technology.

It doesn’t matter what type of iPhone that you currently have, whether it be the 4GB design or the 8GB design, they will both suit this iPhone case. One of the coolest functions about this iPhone case is the reality that it allows you to have complete interaction with the iPhone screen, while still protecting it. This is made possible by a distinct membrane that has been patented due to its distinct capability to offer you such accurate interactivity, while still providing you weather resistant defense.

Really, you are getting three total layers of security within this case, which is much more than numerous other “weather resistant” cases. Another function that makes this iPhone case so distinct is the reality that it is completely covered in silicone, which has two terrific purposes.

The first purpose is to permit you to have a smooth grip on your iPhone, so you will be less most likely to drop it while strolling throughout your day. And the second reason the silicone is such a fantastic feature is due to the fact that it will protect your iPhone if you do accidently drop it.

When your iPhone is in this case, it should be noted though that the silence switch is not available to use. If you must silence your iPhone, it is recommended that you do so before you put it into the weather-proof case.

The importance of having an iPhone case that is weather condition proofed is extremely high, mainly because the iPhone does not have extreme amounts of security. If you have searched the marketplace for weather resistant iPhone cases, than you have actually most likely seen that many of them are large and, rather frankly, unsightly, while this may be true for lots of weather condition resistant iPhone cases, it isn’t the reality for all of them.

It doesn’t matter what type of iPhone that you presently have, whether it be the 4GB design or the 8GB model, they will both fit in this iPhone case. One of the coolest functions about this iPhone case is the truth that it enables you to have complete interaction with the iPhone screen, while still securing it.

Serifos | Guest Bloggers | The Official Blog of

Serifos Island is place with a sprinkle of magic. A place that makes you feel closer to mother earth; a place that makes you communicate a bit better with yourself; a place that brings you closer to your other half – if you already found yours.

Why? It might be the island’s beaches that have something primitive. It might be the locals. It could be the lack of trees and skyscrapers that always allows you to have a view of the sea, the sun and the sandy hills.

And while looking at the sea or the landscape, you notice the tiny streets or the tiny harbour lights.  And this is when you realise that the biggest things can look so small and the tiny things can actually be the important ones.

serifos 3 Serifos

I think that’s the magic of this place; stuff that are usually being ignored in everyday life, acquire a deeper meaning and significance on Serifos Island.

It can be any kind of stuff…The tiny rooftop terrace that during sunset transforms itself into a paradise.

The fresh mint in your cold mojito glass taken from the bar owner’s garden and suddenly seems magically delicious during a hot summer night.

serifos 2 Serifos

The few colourful chairs by the neighbour’s door that break the white monotony and remind you why colours exist. Even the tiles on a random doorstep seem to be a piece of art.

Every corner and every centimetre seems to be a bit more meaningful on this island. This simply refreshes your mind!

If you are ready to experience this magic, start planning your trip for next September – this is when it is not too windy or hot but still warm enough!




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