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Weather Resistant iPhone Cases For Your Vacation

One of the most requested devices for the iPhone is the weather condition proof case. The value of having an iPhone case that is weather proofed is exceptionally high, generally since the iPhone does not have extreme amounts of protection.

If you live in a city that gets decent quantity of rain, or if you merely wish to protect your iPhone from the outside world, than you will wish to purchase an iPhone weather-proofed case. But what are the very best cases for this kind of security?

If you have actually searched the market for weather resistant iPhone cases, than you have actually probably seen that much of them are large and, rather frankly, unattractive, while this might be true for lots of weather resistant iPhone cases, it isn’t the reality for all of them. There is one case that is spectacular, both in its look and also in its capability to protect your iPhone from the harshness of Mother Earth. This iPhone case is the OtterBox Defender Series, which is a clever and rugged case that will include a certain design to your iPhone. This case still allows you to have full interaction with every feature of your iPhone, including pictures, all while providing you true water-resistant technology.

It doesn’t matter what type of iPhone that you currently have, whether it be the 4GB design or the 8GB design, they will both suit this iPhone case. One of the coolest functions about this iPhone case is the reality that it allows you to have complete interaction with the iPhone screen, while still protecting it. This is made possible by a distinct membrane that has been patented due to its distinct capability to offer you such accurate interactivity, while still providing you weather resistant defense.

Really, you are getting three total layers of security within this case, which is much more than numerous other “weather resistant” cases. Another function that makes this iPhone case so distinct is the reality that it is completely covered in silicone, which has two terrific purposes.

The first purpose is to permit you to have a smooth grip on your iPhone, so you will be less most likely to drop it while strolling throughout your day. And the second reason the silicone is such a fantastic feature is due to the fact that it will protect your iPhone if you do accidently drop it.

When your iPhone is in this case, it should be noted though that the silence switch is not available to use. If you must silence your iPhone, it is recommended that you do so before you put it into the weather-proof case.

The importance of having an iPhone case that is weather condition proofed is extremely high, mainly because the iPhone does not have extreme amounts of security. If you have searched the marketplace for weather resistant iPhone cases, than you have actually most likely seen that many of them are large and, rather frankly, unsightly, while this may be true for lots of weather condition resistant iPhone cases, it isn’t the reality for all of them.

It doesn’t matter what type of iPhone that you presently have, whether it be the 4GB design or the 8GB model, they will both fit in this iPhone case. One of the coolest functions about this iPhone case is the truth that it enables you to have complete interaction with the iPhone screen, while still securing it.

Serifos | Guest Bloggers | The Official Blog of

Serifos Island is place with a sprinkle of magic. A place that makes you feel closer to mother earth; a place that makes you communicate a bit better with yourself; a place that brings you closer to your other half – if you already found yours.

Why? It might be the island’s beaches that have something primitive. It might be the locals. It could be the lack of trees and skyscrapers that always allows you to have a view of the sea, the sun and the sandy hills.

And while looking at the sea or the landscape, you notice the tiny streets or the tiny harbour lights.  And this is when you realise that the biggest things can look so small and the tiny things can actually be the important ones.

serifos 3 Serifos

I think that’s the magic of this place; stuff that are usually being ignored in everyday life, acquire a deeper meaning and significance on Serifos Island.

It can be any kind of stuff…The tiny rooftop terrace that during sunset transforms itself into a paradise.

The fresh mint in your cold mojito glass taken from the bar owner’s garden and suddenly seems magically delicious during a hot summer night.

serifos 2 Serifos

The few colourful chairs by the neighbour’s door that break the white monotony and remind you why colours exist. Even the tiles on a random doorstep seem to be a piece of art.

Every corner and every centimetre seems to be a bit more meaningful on this island. This simply refreshes your mind!

If you are ready to experience this magic, start planning your trip for next September – this is when it is not too windy or hot but still warm enough!




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Prestigious car rental company in Santorini

The prospective phenomenon of the car renting company in extraordinary location freshens and purifies the mind, soul and the body of the visitors who approach this rendezvous, which persist the customers to visit car rental company. Therefore the arrival of the customers is significantly and considerably increasing day by day.

Moreover, there is no hole and corner transactions, but in every attitude they are straight forward. On the other hand there are no other ways which could offer vehicle for cheaper rates comparing with the other options. This cost effective option alone encourage customers to deal with them in order to accomplish their requirements, covering of all purposes such as local Car renting, cabs booking and Taxi services, Airport pickup and outstation Taxi hire services.

As far as we are concerned to the best of our experiential knowledge, we commend that Car-rental Singapore is the only Company which deserves the entitlement to serve the customers satisfactorily, whilst extending their fullest and utmost corporations and assistances in the ambitions and desirous needs pertaining to their itinerary programs and etc.

Besides, the concept and the principle is that the visitors should feel fresh and glad in the manner in which the services rendered to them are fervent without procrastination and all type of vehicles are available in accordance with their requirements on long/short term hiring basis and Customers can enjoy the benefits of driving the latest cars and hassle – free drive as well. This establishment is the most convenient and reliable Centre for the needs of the visitors, whilst these Companies being the professional and outlook, they provide proficient and unique services with economically designed travelling.

These Companies propose many ranges of services in view of the betterment of every section of the society. It includes the Local pickup and drop facilities to neighbor destination travelling and from multicity travel to long term car rental.

The categorization of services being implemented as follows:
1. Local Pickup and Drop.
2. Out – Station Travel.
3. Multi City Travel.
4. Corporate Car Rental.
5. Long Term Car Rental.
6. Airport and Railway Transport.

Moreover, It is no doubt that you will appreciate and thank yourself for choosing the unique services of the establishment which enables, guide and assist you with a Driver of this country to deviate you from worrying about congestion of traffics and lead you in correct route to your meeting place.


Years long past the car rental Company and had no any policy or concept about renting cars for specific and limited hours in a rental sector, when a vehicle rented by he/she has to pay for the entire day. But for the last few years it has changed and users are allowed to rent cars for hourly basis and charges being recovered only for the specific hours the car had been used. At present the rental services are available for daily and weekly basis and now you are convinced to hire a vehicle ranging from one hour to one month or even this period could be extended according to your requirement.

This practices of renting car system, which is in force at present plays a prominent role exempting the customers from paying more charges imposed on them. This concession alone comforts and benefits every section of the society including the students, middle class users and extends up to the corporate sector.

Due to the critical situation face by the customers financially, the car rental company has introduce the online payment options by way of alternative options to pay the rental through the Debit card and Credit cards in accordance with net banking payment gateways to ensure the same, which we presume that this system is an helping hands to the users. We conclude the article with our wishes and greetings to the customers and we thank you for being with us for all this while.

See more about Santorini car rentals:



Sifnos | Guest Bloggers | The Official Blog of

My favourite Greek island so far – I haven’t visited all of them yet but I will one day. Whatever I say about this island will not do it justice. You need to travel there yourself.

Nature is beautiful over there. Effortlessly beautiful.  Brown or dark green shrubs sort of decorate all the streets of the island creating a unique landscape which is hard to find in most parts of Europe.

Then there is so much pink and white. Pink bougainvillaeas perfectly fit with the white Cycladic style houses. Speaking about Cycladic style, architecture on Sifnos island is equally beautiful.


Sifnos 5 Sifnos


Check out all the different little churches of the island. Each of them is different. In case you wonder, there are 365 of them…they say there is one for every day of the year!

And then, you have the beautiful colours of the Aegean Sea. Colours constantly change throughout the day. Vivid blue in the morning, and purple-orange in the evening. Sunsets can be incredibly beautiful and romantic too if you have the right company.


sifnos 2 Sifnos


You should visit Sifnos at least once in your life. And if you do, there are ten things you must do.

Eat ceviche in your swimsuit at Omega3, one of my favourite restaurants on the island. Walk around the beautiful alleys of Kastro village and admire the view.

Go for an evening stroll at Apollonia, the central village of the island. Have a couple of cocktails and a summer outdoor movie night at Rabagas.

Visit one of the smallest fishing villages, Cheronissos village, for a swim or for a taverna lunch by the sea.


sifnos 1 Sifnos


Check out Sifnian pottery in one of the many pottery shops of the island. Taste ‘revithada’, ‘caper salad’ and ‘fava’ at a local restaurant.

Stay in your bikini! Actually, why not starting and ending your day with a swim? Eat ‘loukoumades’ with honey and cinnamon, a typically Greek dessert, at ‘Treis Xanthoi Angeloi’ in Apollonia.

And last but not least, speak to local people, most of them are so friendly!






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BLUECYCLE | Guest Bloggers | The Official Blog of

The first integrated programme of recycling marine plastic waste from fishing and shipping activities BlueCycle is a Blue and Circular economy initiative with a holistic approach to marine plastic waste generated from shipping and fishing activities.

It is the first integrated programme in Europe focusing on plastic fishing and shipping gear recycling. BlueCycle’s vision of creating a new “life circle” for these materials is based on research, innovation, new technologies and creativity, promoting sustainable solutions for the protection of the environment. Ghost nets and useless mooring ropes are converted into high-quality raw material, ready to be re-introduced in industrial production. BlueCycle Lab For the first time in Greece, a facility designed for processing and recycling the plastic fishing and shipping gear is created. A model-space, modern and fully equipped dedicated to recycling, creation and research. Activity • Processing of marine plastic waste through a certified procedure • Material sustainability and new use research • Design and development of products, services and/or artifacts, made from recovered plastic waste from fishing and shipping activities • Quality control of production (pellet, 3D printer filament)

61456234 2044820725628868 5602286977907949568 n BLUECYCLE BlueCycle Lab will welcome researchers, designers, makers and artists to work and experiment with the procedure and their ideas for the reuse of plastic. The programme’s strength lies in the growing synergies. The recyclable material is gathered from the beach and sea clean-ups organized by our partners, the marine litter collection stations of Aegean Rebreath in several points in Greece, and from the network of manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of fishing and shipping equipment. Among our partners, Fran Vargas, co-founder of Plastikourgeio Shop & Lab, will be in charge of BlueCycle Lab. For the quality control issues of the material produced, we are collaborating with the Chemical Engineers School of the National Technical University of Athens as well as the Hellenic Center of Marine Research – Oceanographic Institute. The programme is created and operates under the auspices of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation.


Visit our webpage



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Visit Santorini with the companion of a VIP escort girl!

When you talk about Santorini, you think about the view, the sea and if you are alone your soulmate to get there together.

But if you are alone, you need the companion of a sexy escort girl. Book an Athens Escort and go to Santorini.

Santorini Tours

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Frutalia Omelette from Andros Island | Guest Bloggers

Delving into the secrets of traditional Greek cooking, I never cease to be amazed by how delectable and comforting recipes have been practiced and honed to perfection over the years, with each season’s offerings, focusing on the highest quality. At the same time, the country’s vastly varied topography and diverse microclimates offer a wide assortment of local cuisines and dishes unique to a certain island or prefecture. Take Andros for example and its characteristic “frutalia” omelette, a satisfying meal made with a handful of carefully chosen local ingredients.

Andros is the most northern of the iconic Cycladic islands and is blessed with many streams and lush vegetation as well as the beautiful beaches and rocky terrain common in the Cyclades. As a result, one can find a variety of seasonal vegetable produce, as well as, excellent artisan products such as the smoked pork sausage scented with fennel and orange or the island’s traditional “volaki” cheese, either sold fresh and soft or matured. Many tavernas around the island still make and offer their own versions.

Frutalia can be quickly put together as a meze for unexpected guests, a summer lunch after a morning swim or even an alternative brunch. Based on free range eggs, the aforementioned sausage and a touch of matured “volaki” cheese, it always tastes best on the island itself. However this recipe will help you recreate that hearty, mouthwatering flavor at home too. Delicious served hot, this versatile omelette will taste great cold too, served with tomato and basil.

Frutalia pan ov w Frutalia Omelette from Andros Island

Frutalia omelette from Andros island


3 potatoes

4 medium artisan sausages, thickly sliced

2 tbsp olive oil

8 eggs

100 gr. grated volaki, or hard, salty, piquant cheese

2 tbsps of fresh mint , finely chopped

Salt & pepper

A few slices of graviera cheese for serving hot or tomato for serving cold

Place the potatoes whole in a pot of cold water and bring to the boil. Season, cover and simmer for 10 minutes or until easily pierced through with a knife. Drain and allow to cool.

Gently fry the sausage in a cast iron or oven safe frying pan and set aside. Slice the potatoes and gently fry them in the same frying pan turning once. Beat the eggs, lightly season and add the grated cheese and mint. Preheat the grill to 200 C

Drain any excess oil out of the pan, add the sausages to the potatoes and pour over the egg mixture. Cook the omelette over a medium heat until set. Then place in the oven, under the hot grill for approx. 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can turn the omelette over in the frying pan with the help of a plate. Place the plate over the pan, turn out the omelette onto the plate over the sink, then slide it back into the pan to cook the other side.

Enjoy it with a glass of barrel-aged Assyrtiko white wine.


ManaCooks on FB 

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Birdwatching @ Lake Kerkini and More | Guest Bloggers


Lake Kerkini was a destination I meant to visit for the longest time. The combination of water, nature and wildlife have always fascinated me. Greece is renowned as a sea and sun destination, but its mainland is where she keeps her valuables! Instead of seeing flocks of tourists I prefer to take a boat ride and admire more than 300 species of birds; view buffalo herds grazing the fields; take walks or horseback rides around the lake and then savour some delicious local recipes!

I stayed at the Oikoperiigitis Hotel in Kerkini Village which is located only 1km from the lake. Practically the closest one to the waterfront. I was informed of the activities I could enjoy around the lake such as canoeing, hiking, cycling and more. Since I had limited time at my disposal I wanted to see the birds so I thought I shouldn’t miss out on a boat ride. Since I arrived late in the day, I booked one for the next morning.

kerkini 2 Birdwatching @ Lake Kerkini and More


I started my day that morning with a jog on a 7km dirt road embankment, which gave me the opportunity to see some ducks, pelicans and other wild birds, not to mention that I ran into a buffalo farm! I then headed for my boat ride. Our boatman Vassilis (a good guide with smart tips on what to see and do) told us all about the lake and how in 1932 the Greek government built a dam to secure water from Strimonas River to irrigate the plains of Serres for agricultural purposes. I guess no one could have imagined that the lake would become one of the most significant wetlands in Europe, part of the Natura 2000 network of protected sites, where birds migrate from Northern Europe to Africa or the Middle East.

He also mentioned that the lake is known as an artificial one, due to the construction of the dam, but that is not the case. It goes way back to antiquity when the river’s deposits made the lake shallower forming two smaller lakes; Kerkinitida and Prassiada. It is believed that Lake Kerkini is today in the same place where lake Prassiada used to be. Strimonas River offers the lake sediments that are deposited in lake Kerkini making it shallow and ideal for birds like flamingos to lay their eggs in the mud. The food pyramid is quite interesting too. The lake is home to lots of insects that are part of fish diet who in their turn are part of bird diet, so nothing goes to waste!


kerkini 41 Birdwatching @ Lake Kerkini and More


The boat ride was fun and informative, unluckily it was windy so we weren’t able to approach a flock of flamingos up close, but we saw them through our binoculars and we were visited by a pelican who begged our guide for fish. It is customary to get visits from pelicans on the boats because these birds have become familiar with people as boatmen carry fish to feed them.

Our guide Vassili suggested taking a jeep ride on the gravel roads that go along the lake to experience more extraordinary views of the lake’s wildlife. Following his tip, later that day, I explored another dirt road from Megalochori Village that runs along the river’s delta. What a charming view! At a distance I could see buffaloes running free; white pelicans, cormorants and herons standing still enjoying the sunshine. I was mesmerised! I then realised why birdwatchers are so attached to their activity.


Moni Timiou Prodromou 4 Birdwatching @ Lake Kerkini and More


For a bird’s-eye view of lake Kerkini, I went up to Akritochori where I paid a visit to the Monastery of Timiou Prodromou Serron. The Monastery and the view down to the lake are astonishing. I then went to Makrynitsa Village to eat at Evora restaurant and savour some buffalo, which was delicious. I also tasted the Pontian perek cheese pie. Perek is a flour dough cooked on a pan placed on charcoal. It makes a mean feta cheese, so if you plan a visit definitely taste it.

My trip to Kerkini was short but much appreciated. This is a great place to spend at least three days, to get the chance to see the fauna and flora and meet its hospitable people. I will definitely return to see and experience more!

Sylia Mourelatou

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Kavala Air/Sea Show: “We raise our heads up!” | Guest Bloggers

Εικόνα 1: The Saudi Hawks flying in formation over Kavala city. Credits: Mavroudakis Fotis

The “natural amphitheatre” created by the city of Kavala and the island of Thasos, the sea and the sky, all compose a constantly changing yet consistently mesmerising image of the place where the Macedonian land meets the Aegean Sea. That is what the setting for the air and sea displays of the Kavala Air/Sea Show looks like and what you get as a first impression of what happens in the city of Kavala every summer, for seven years now, before you live the full experience of the Kavala Air/Sea Show.
The Kavala Air/Sea Show was first held in 2011 and has been going on since then, with the exception of 2015. It is a one of a kind celebration of the air and sea which aims to make us “raise our heads up”. As a matter of fact, that is indeed its motto from the very beginning.

2 heads up Chris Zisou Kavala Air/Sea Show: “We raise our heads up!”

Εικόνα 2: “We raise our heads up!” Credits: Chris Zisou

In the display program you can find parachutists, paratroopers and skydivers, paramotor athletes, solo and teams of propeller and jet aircraft, both civil and fighter air means. Since the first year of the show, teams representing the Greek Special Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force), the Hellenic Coast Guard as well as Air Force and Navy teams from abroad, such as Saudi Arabia and Germany, have participated. Last but not least, many private aerobatic teams from Greece, the U.K, Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Turkey have managed to fascinate the spectators with their aerial maneuvers.

3 Air Displays KASS Kavala Air/Sea Show: “We raise our heads up!”

Εικόνα 3: Air Displays Credits: KASS

Traditionally, the event is held over the last weekend of June or the first one of July, along the main promenade of Kavala. You can definitely watch it from almost every corner of the city but, without any doubt, the promenade and the port of “Saint Paul” are ideal for all those who seek to feel and share the excitement.

4 Kavala Konstantinos Saraidaris Kavala Air/Sea Show: “We raise our heads up!”

Εικόνα 4: Main promenade of Kavala city. Credits: Konstantinos Saraidaris

Greeks and tourists, young and older, men and women, those who are into aviation and those who are just looking for something different are welcome to meander around the promenade of Kavala -at no cost- and find themselves among other spectators, volunteers and air crew.
A host of parallel events, such as the static display of airplanes, helicopters and historical vehicles, the landing and take-off of helicopters at the Landing Zone, the modelers exhibition, the trade fair and kids zone, the display teams booths, innovation exhibitions, concerts etc, are planned to entertain all visitors throughout the two-day event.

5 Aggelos Aggeloudis Kavala Air/Sea Show: “We raise our heads up!”

Εικόνα 5: Display Teams and Vendors Booths. Credits: Aggelos Aggeloudis

The proximity of the air and sea means is unique especially when it comes to an event which takes place in a city and not an airport. The visitor is, therefore, given the chance to have a complete experience of not only the event itself but also the wider region which is full of cultural monuments as well as pristine beaches and amusement facilities.


The 8th Kavala Air/Sea Show is to be held on the 5th and 6th of July 2019.
Kavala Airshow

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Luxury Yacht Charters | Guest Bloggers

The affordable and convenient choice for navigating the Greek Islands

Those uninitiated in a Greece luxury yacht charter might imagine one of the massive millionaires’ superyachts sitting on the horizon – and the lofty price tag for a week-long vacation on board – but for an affordable all-inclusive rate there are many brand new luxury catamarans, classic motor yachts and everything in between that will let you cruise through the busiest hot spots at your leisure.
Whether your group intends to visit the Saronic Islands, the Cyclades, the peaceful Ionian Islands or travel even farther afield, most luxury yachts have a home berth in Athens for convenient embarkation from the airport. Stay a day to explore the history and culture of one of ancient civilisation’s most well-known cities, then unwind the moment you step aboard with drinks and a meal from a highly qualified chef aware of all your dietary requirements and preferences. Savour the sunshine and the breeze from your sundeck as your captain cruises through shimmering waters past colossal white cliffs to charming beaches and villages off the main tourism route that are largely untouched by time.
Highly experienced luxury yacht charter broker Amanda Brilliante of CharterWorld gives her advice on the Greece cruising grounds and which island archipelagos to visit for partying, culture, family-friendly holidays and immersing yourselves in nature:

“There are three main cruising areas of Greece which are most easily reached from [Athens], and the most popular areas that my clients visit time and again: The Argo-Saronic Gulf, Cyclades, and Ionian Islands. All are easily reached from the mainland and perfect for a week (or longer!) charter in Greece. As all offer something a little bit different, my recommendation will vary based on the type of charter group and when you plan to travel. Here’s a brief rundown on each so you can start planning your Greek getaway.”

The Saronic Gulf

The closest of the luxury yacht charter grounds to Athens, the Saronic Gulf is “perfect for a round-trip charter and offering excellent protection from the Meltemi winds which can affect the nearby Cyclades, so is always a good ‘fall-back’ plan for luxury yacht charters in July and August”. Tours usually include the largest four islands of Aegina, Spetses, Poros and Hyrda, where guests can go on an indoor and outdoor history tour including the Temple of Aphaia, the Aegina Heritage Museum, the Archaeological Museum of Aegina and the nearby Temple of Apollo.
There are also beautiful cathedrals and galleries to admire before your group takes the weight off their feet at one of the harbour-side cafes or tavernas.
“Only about an hour from Athens, these charming and picturesque islands are a world away from the city and sheltered from the winds by the surrounding mainland. They are ideal for low key cruising and island hopping, offering short passages and a nice mix of cosmopolitan ports with shopping, dining and nightlife as well as more naturalistic ‘get away from it all’ anchorages.”
Cruise around the coast with east to discover such beautiful secluded treasures as Monastery Mirtiotissas and its nearby beach, which is great for watersports and other similar sites have great hiking trails along the beaches and clifftops.

Some Hot tips:
• Don’t miss a donkey ride (the only transportation) up the narrow and steep passageways on Hydra before hitting one of its seaside bars or restaurants in the evening!
• Enjoy some fresh-made loukoumades (local, honey-dipped dough balls) on Poros, where donuts were born!
• Aegina is the home of pistachios and is known to have the best in the world – visit in September when their yearly Pistachio Festival occurs.

The Cyclades Islands

Mykonos and Santorini are quite possibly two of the most well-known Greek islands as holiday destinations for their windmills, blue and white houses and vineyards, and among them is a wealth of islands for partying, food tours and water sports.
“Home of the native Greek-bred Aegean cat, these are probably the best-known islands in Greece: Cyclades meaning ‘circular’ and the islands forming a circle around the sacred island of Delos. I actually think of the main islands as lying within a triangle made up of Athens-Mykonos-Santorini (roughly 100 nautical miles on each side) and including Naxos, Paros, Milos, Serifos and Kythnos.”
The clear warm waters are great for all ages to learn new skills such as jet skiing or Scuba diving at the numerous sites, where colourful corals and deep caves have a host of sea life to admire.
“The Cyclades can be strongly affected by the Meltemi, which may make passage difficult during July and August when these winds typically blow, and passages are generally a bit longer than in the Saronic Gulf. I usually recommend a one-way trip for a more leisurely pace, for instance between Athens and Mykonos, Mykonos and Santorini, or Santorini and Athens.”

Some Hot tips:
• The white-washed / blue-roofed architecture which is our image of Greece abounds on Santorini. With villages situated high on cliffs with breath-taking views – it’s a can’t-miss!
• Originally known as ‘Thermia’, enjoy a spa day at the thermal baths of Therma and Loutra on Kythnos
• Enjoy the excellent wines and thyme honey that have made Serifos famous (and bring some home for later!).
• Jetset Mykonos is a glam hotspot with gorgeous beaches (and bodies), amazing restaurants and nightlife, and a ‘who’s-who’ of visiting models, singers, and movie stars.

The Ionian Islands

“These are the islands on the West Coast of mainland Greece, on the Ionian Sea, and generally, unaffected the Meltemi winds so a great destination all summer long. Also known as the Heptanese or ‘The Seven Islands’, they include Corfu, Kefalonia, Paxos, Lefkada Zakynthos and Kefalonia, as well as some smaller islands in the group.”
The Romans and Venetians left their mark in the architecture of the Ionian Islands, of which locals are very proud and tourists from all over come to admire. With Italy just across the Ionian Sea, the culinary influence is also felt and visitors will find international cuisine as well as local delights. Corfu is by far the most famous, however many will recognise the shipwreck and the beach named after it on Zakynthos. Corfu and Kefalonia are the places to be for a day of boutique shopping before hitting the clubs at sundown, although there are plenty of cultural sites to fill the daytime hours as well.
The Ionian Islands also have a more calming ambiance than the Cyclades, and you won’t have to travel far to leave behind night clubs and bars for a romantic candlelit dinner under the stars.
“[The Seven Islands are} perfect for those that have already ‘done’ the Cyclades and Saronic Gulf and are looking for a more laid-back experience. A one-way charter between Athens and Corfu is more recommended and offers a chance to cruise through the spectacular sheer walls of the Corinth Canal.”

Some Hot tips:
• Lefkada offers Porto Katsiki, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and a ‘must see’. Or visit Sappho’s Leap, where, ancient legend has it, unrequited love could be best served by throwing oneself over the 71.6m/235ft drop into the Ionian below.
• Cliff-lined beaches abound on Kefalonia, including Myrtos, Plateia Ammos and Petanoi, and of course Koutsoupia which is only reached by yacht! Also on offer for history buffs is a wealth of Venetian buildings (Fiscardo), Byzantine churches and Mycenaen.
For more information on luxury yacht charters for holidays and events and to see what options would suit your group in the Greece yacht charter grounds, contact CharterWorld obligation free.



CharterWorld – Luxury Yacht Charters

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