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Εικόνα 1: The Saudi Hawks flying in formation over Kavala city. Credits: Mavroudakis Fotis

The “natural amphitheatre” created by the city of Kavala and the island of Thasos, the sea and the sky, all compose a constantly changing yet consistently mesmerising image of the place where the Macedonian land meets the Aegean Sea. That is what the setting for the air and sea displays of the Kavala Air/Sea Show looks like and what you get as a first impression of what happens in the city of Kavala every summer, for seven years now, before you live the full experience of the Kavala Air/Sea Show.
The Kavala Air/Sea Show was first held in 2011 and has been going on since then, with the exception of 2015. It is a one of a kind celebration of the air and sea which aims to make us “raise our heads up”. As a matter of fact, that is indeed its motto from the very beginning.

2 heads up Chris Zisou Kavala Air/Sea Show: “We raise our heads up!”

Εικόνα 2: “We raise our heads up!” Credits: Chris Zisou

In the display program you can find parachutists, paratroopers and skydivers, paramotor athletes, solo and teams of propeller and jet aircraft, both civil and fighter air means. Since the first year of the show, teams representing the Greek Special Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force), the Hellenic Coast Guard as well as Air Force and Navy teams from abroad, such as Saudi Arabia and Germany, have participated. Last but not least, many private aerobatic teams from Greece, the U.K, Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Turkey have managed to fascinate the spectators with their aerial maneuvers.

3 Air Displays KASS Kavala Air/Sea Show: “We raise our heads up!”

Εικόνα 3: Air Displays Credits: KASS

Traditionally, the event is held over the last weekend of June or the first one of July, along the main promenade of Kavala. You can definitely watch it from almost every corner of the city but, without any doubt, the promenade and the port of “Saint Paul” are ideal for all those who seek to feel and share the excitement.

4 Kavala Konstantinos Saraidaris Kavala Air/Sea Show: “We raise our heads up!”

Εικόνα 4: Main promenade of Kavala city. Credits: Konstantinos Saraidaris

Greeks and tourists, young and older, men and women, those who are into aviation and those who are just looking for something different are welcome to meander around the promenade of Kavala -at no cost- and find themselves among other spectators, volunteers and air crew.
A host of parallel events, such as the static display of airplanes, helicopters and historical vehicles, the landing and take-off of helicopters at the Landing Zone, the modelers exhibition, the trade fair and kids zone, the display teams booths, innovation exhibitions, concerts etc, are planned to entertain all visitors throughout the two-day event.

5 Aggelos Aggeloudis Kavala Air/Sea Show: “We raise our heads up!”

Εικόνα 5: Display Teams and Vendors Booths. Credits: Aggelos Aggeloudis

The proximity of the air and sea means is unique especially when it comes to an event which takes place in a city and not an airport. The visitor is, therefore, given the chance to have a complete experience of not only the event itself but also the wider region which is full of cultural monuments as well as pristine beaches and amusement facilities.


The 8th Kavala Air/Sea Show is to be held on the 5th and 6th of July 2019.
Kavala Airshow

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