Luxury Yacht Charters | Guest Bloggers

The affordable and convenient choice for navigating the Greek Islands Those uninitiated in a Greece luxury yacht charter might imagine one of the massive millionaires’ superyachts sitting on the horizon – and the lofty price tag for a week-long vacation on board – but for an affordable all-inclusive rate thereContinue Reading

Top 7 Natural Spas of Greece | Guest Bloggers

In Greece, well-being has a long history. The thermal springs of Greece have alleviated ailments, revitalised and relaxed body and soul for centuries. There are 20 recognised thermal springs in Greece. Here is my pick of the best. 1. Edipsos, Evia The oldest spa in Greece, Edipsos is mentioned inContinue Reading

Veria’s Peach Blossom! | Guest Bloggers

Every year there is a unique phenomenon that appears in the Greek countryside, which resembles the one of Japan and its blossomed cherry trees. In mid-March, the fertile plain of Imathia is transformed in a vast pink coloured bed of blossoming peach trees. The Peach tree, in eastern traditions, isContinue Reading

Natural Marvels in Greece | Buzz

Discover the singular works of Mother Nature Nature, this all-powerful sculptor and architect has -over the millennia- shaped astounding landscapes, and moulded intricate and peculiar creations across the country on solid ground and underwater. And what better way to discover them, than to go there on a springtime trip!? TheContinue Reading

Sample a World of Flavours | Buzz

Greek traditional drinks to suit all tastes An alcoholic beverage or a soft drink? Chilled or at room temperature? The choice is not an easy one when there are so many options! A tasting experience in Greece usually includes a glass of wine. Here are some tips for you: tryContinue Reading